ABOUT Lillee Jean

Lillee Jean Trueman is a model, motivational speaker, artist, environmentalist, and a well-known beauty and fashion blogger. Lillee Jean was born on April 18, 2001, in Flushing, New York. At the tender age of three years old, Lillee Jean was already using a laptop and researching items on the internet. By the time she turned seven years old, she revealed to the world, as well as her parents, how much she had learned in just a short time, all on her own.  Her many interests had already come to light and included: dabbling in painting and drawing, sculpting, and early photography. It should be noted that her penchant for artistry in different formats comes from both sides of her parent’s families (on her mother’s side her grandfather and great-grandfather were well-known oil artists with influences in Asian and Maritime themes, as well as the famous actor, Walter Matthau being a third cousin).


Her musical talent comes from her father, who was a well-known session percussionist and drummer who played with the likes of Hendrix, Dio and Alvin Lee).

After amassing an impressive collection of rare American Girl Dolls (which she retains in mint condition to this day), Lillee delved into her first significant artistic endeavor, that of videography and blogging. Her video blog became a fun storyboard for young people to follow and enjoy. She created interactive stop motion stories for them, taking hours to position them for the different storylines she created. In tandem with her work with video stop motion stories, Lillee developed a great interest and love for makeup and studied how people used it to enhance their looks. She would spend the next few years working with various textures, blending styles, and techniques and decided to create her own makeup blog and videos under the pseudonym “thaeyeballqueen”.


 As Lillee Jean perfected her artistic skills, she was starting to amass a widespread following on social media. She quickly became a role model for young people to look up to and she has enjoyed teaching and interacting with her fans. As a young person who has struggled with adversity, as well as potential health issues, she became a beacon of light for young people who themselves felt lost in society’s harsh reality of scrutinizing people’s looks. At an early age, Lillee Jean realized that she was becoming pre-diabetic (based on her research that a stain on her neck was signifying a change in medical status) and made a conscious decision to become proactive on changing her habits, without asking anybody for help! She lost weight and the stain disappeared, leaving her with a profound lesson to be shared with others for life, health and lifestyle change.

       Lillee Jean has become best loved for teaching young people to be the best version of who they can be. Her motto has always been to be true to you and to not be a clone of one another. Her passion for the arts which includes public speaking, modeling, writing, etc. has left at a tender age a profound mark of hope with her peers and fans.

For bookings you can contact her manager Laur Trueman (a well-known antique/memorabilia dealer, as well as prop provider for the movie industry and Lillee’s mother) , at [email protected]

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